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Acacia O'Reilly, former HR Generalist at Community Care Home Health Services endorses the efforts of Local 947.

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April 4, 2023 Update: Mark Gatien and Arlene Gannon rebuttal

Attention All Community Care Workers,

We are aware that Community Care Home Health Services has sent out messages regarding Boilermakers Local 947 and the union election. Mark Gatien, the owner of CCHH has expressed concern that the union has been knocking on doors.

With respect to Boilermakers Local 947, this is completely false, as Local 947 has never knocked on anyone's door or intruded in your personal life.

It was also stated that you do not have to respond to the union. You in fact have the freedom to respond.

This upcoming election was secured by Boilermakers Local 947 with a huge percentage of your co-workers signatures and support that was submitted to the government. Nevertheless, it is important for you to understand that the company does not want you to respond to our communications because they are afraid of the voice you have all been fighting for in the workplace.

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That is the character of a company that has its own interest in mind, which is to ensure they get their profits instead of providing a portion to the hardworking employees who deserve living wages, medical and other benefits that bring security to you and your family.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), a federal government agency, notified your Employer, Community Care, to advise them that a large percentage of their workers wanted to join a union. The NLRB also informed your Employer that it is mandatory that a notice be sent to every employee stating you have the right to join a union.

This is a huge distress to the company because they now know that their workers are fed up with the mistreatment they have received. How many times has Community Care reached out to you within the last three years concerned about your well-being?

None until now… Coincidence?

The NLRB will be sending election ballots via mail to your homes for a secret vote ballot. Please unite with your coworkers and Boilermakers Local 947 by voting for us to represent you so that we can secure a contract that will serve you and your family's future. After you mark a check mark for Boilermakers Local 947 on the ballot, place the ballot in the envelope and seal it. You must sign the back of the envelope for it to count.

Mark Gatien knows that you, the caregivers, are the reason for his success - which he did not value and why we are at this tipping point!

Furthermore, you also received a message from Arlene Gannon, VP of Human Resources, who has also made anti-union remarks when, for months she avoided taking phone calls from hundreds of employees who were not getting paid correctly or not getting paid at all.

Let's address her statements.

Yes, Boilermakers Local 947 charges monthly dues which go towards paying staff who will fight for you, lobbying and the fees of attorney who fight for you. This is the price we pay for peace of mind and protection due to companies that don't do right by their workers.

Union representation gives you peace of mind and job security. Boilermakers Local 947 will not be charging initiation fees.

Boilermakers Local 947 union dues are not 5% of your paycheck. This is a lie from the company that is trying to distract you from securing Local 947 to represent your interest.

Ms. Gannon also stated that the monthly dues money is a week's worth of groceries. She fails to recognize that the money you are paid isn't enough for groceries - which is the reason why you, the workers, banded together to sign cards to secure this union election.

Boilermakers Local 947 is looking to fight for your rights, for your family and for your voice to be heard. Do not believe the lies and underhanded messages that Community Care is sending.

In the next few weeks, we will be sending more information to you regarding the unethical practices and disparaging behavior against you, the workers.

Let's unite. Together we are the voice and together we have the power to make changes.

In solidarity, Boilermakers Local 947

Fraternally yours,

Gloria Larrondo
Boilermakers Local 947
PO BOX 746, Kings Park, NY 11754
TEL. 631-670-5660 FAX. 631-670-5662


We Don't Knock on Doors!

March 22, 2023 Update: ATTENTION CCHH Employees: Your future is at stake ‼

Are you getting the respect and fair pay you deserve? Are your wages being paid in a timely manner? Are you getting all the wages you’ve earned?

If you want to have a say in the decisions that affect your job then it's time to join Boilermakers Local 947 and take control of your future!

By voting for the Local 947 Boilermakers in the upcoming union election, you can help create a better workplace for yourself. The Boilermakers have a long history of fighting for workers' rights and recovering wages. Vote Boilermakers Local 947. We will be there to support you after the vote because Boilermakers union Local 947 is located right in Long Island, King's Park, New York—and we also have national and even international reach through our union.

Joining Boilermakers Local 947 means you'll have access to:

  • A powerful voice in negotiations with Community Care Home Health Services

  • Experienced union representatives who will advocate for you and your coworkers

  • A community of workers who support and stand up for one another

  • Justice on the job through a negotiated contract

  • Free college benefits, phone and shopping discounts and more

It's time to stand up and demand the respect, fair pay, and justice you deserve as a home health care worker at CCHH.

You take care of others all day. Who’s taking care of you?

Don't wait any longer—get ready to vote for the Boilermakers union and take the first step towards a better future!