Local 947


Gloria Larrondo is married with five children. She has an educational background in, but not limited to Labor, Law Enforcement and the Health Care Industry.

Ms. Larrondo has over thirty (30) years of employment in the Labor Industry, with a strong commitment to protecting the rights of the working class. In 2004, she was elected President of Local 947, International Union of Journeymen and Allied Trades. As such, her main responsibilities were negotiating collective bargaining agreements, advocating for changes in legislation, leading strikes, and mediating worker grievances.

Her collective fair bargaining has paved the way for workers to succeed on their own terms with a guarantee of fair treatment and pay for their hard work. “Labor stands up for all the people and not just the potential vested self interest of corporate masters”. For those at the top, justice is fluid, unfortunately for those that are not, it must be pursued by attained by the demands of a labor organization.

She has won many battles, exposed unfair labor practices, saved jobs and improved working conditions for untold thousands. The National Labor Relations has cited victorious court cases which reflect the protection of exploited workers.

In addition to the aforementioned, she has developed programs such as several crisis programs which are assisted by dedicated religious groups to provide aid to those in need. Job development, training programs and job placement programs are also available.

With the ideology of challenging old orthodoxies and championing positive change, she has been advocating for improved education and employment opportunities. It has been an inspiration to view the now veteran union members, which originally entered the union with a life of despair and now have attained “The American Dream Lifestyle”.

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