Local 947

Union Resources

Local 947 provides resources to all union members and to any worker interested in joining a union.  Local 947 has an exceptional incentive program.


For every lead you provide your representative, that the union is able to organize, you will be rewarded with the first month’s dues after a contract has been negotiated.

This incentive will also help to protect the programs you currently enjoy and maintain your dues at a low rate. The more members the union has, the better it is for all our members.

We organize workers in every industry with companies who have one or more employees.

So tell your family members and friends who work for non-union companies to give your representative a call to schedule a meeting with them to learn about the benefits of becoming a union member and obtaining representation.

Call your Representative at 631-670-5660
Joey Vega  extension 3
Isabel Roman extension 5
Elizabeth DaSilva extension 6
Maira Libretti extension 7

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